about chang

Inspired by the mysterious and ever-changing Aurora Borealis (northern lights), I use distortion and blur to enhance the movement and dreamlike quality of my images. Through this distortion, I allow viewers to tap into their own fleeting and familiar recollections to shape the story behind the image. My art is sometimes beautiful, sometimes dark, and often evokes memories of childhood fairy tales. I earned degrees from Pomona College and the Brooks Institute of Photography and work in Southern California.

exhibitions / art fairs

July 2023, New Era of Photography, ACCA Gallery, Beverly Hills CA

April – October 2023, Ballerinas Coast-to-Coast: LA x NY (Solo Exhibition), ACCA Gallery, Beverly Hills CA

April – May 2023, Works of Excellence, San Diego CA

February 2023, Luminario x Wallis, Beverly Hills CA

November 2022, Luminario x Avalon, Hollywood CA

June 2022, PROUD+, San Diego CA

July 2021, PROUD+, San Diego CA

May 2021, Contemporary Works, San Diego CA

September 2020, Regional Invitational, San Diego CA (video

March – April 2018, AC Gallery, Hollywood CA (pdf)

March 2018, 50 to Watch, San Diego CA (pdf)

February – March 2018, AC Gallery, Miami FL

January – February 2018, AC Gallery, Hollywood CA (pdf)

December 2017, AC Gallery, Miami FL (pdf) 

May 2017, AC Gallery, Hollywood CA (pdf) 

April – May 2016, 50 to Watch, San Diego CA

April – May 2015, 50 to Watch, San Diego CA

August 2014, Artwalk NTC @ Liberty Station, San Diego CA

July 2014, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane Australia



February 2023, Beverly Hills Living Magazine (pdf)

December 2019, Aesthetica Magazine (pdf)

December 2015, YourDailyPhotograph.com, The Duncan Miller Gallery

August 2014, YourDailyPhotograph.com, The Duncan Miller Gallery

September 2013, YourDailyPhotograph.com, The Duncan Miller Gallery

February 2003, Union-Tribune (pdf)

Chang’s watercolor-like prints reside in multiple private collections and the permanent collection of the National Museum of Dance in New York